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I have decided to start a feature called ‘where are they now?’ – this will be about past students, and what they are up to these days.  A few years ago we had a keen, enthusiastic, and talented undergraduate student in our laboratory – Brigette Zacharczenko.  Many of you many know her by her popular on-line persona “weird bug lady” – the blogger and seller of amazing plush creatures.  She is AKA “the caterpillar wrangler”   I have one of her creations next to me in my office (yes, I am very lucky):

Pseudoscorpion by Weird Bug Lady

Brigette is now doing graduate school at the University of Connecticut in David Wagner’s laboratory.  Although we were sad to see her go, she left us a wonderful gift – our very own laboratory Logo.  You can go to Cafe Press at this link: and buy your very own t-shirt, mug, mouse pad, etc with our logo in place.  Really, we all MUST own a piece of Arthropod Ecology branding.  Perhaps a tattoo next?  Any takers?

McGill's Arthropod Ecology Laboratory Logo


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