Past members

Past Graduate Students (gone, but not forgotten!).  You can find some photographs of them by going here:

Crystal Ernst (Ph.D): Crystal worked on arthropod food-web dynamics in Arctic Canada, with specific interest on the beetles collected from the Northern Biodiversity Program.

Dorothy Maguire (Ph.D.): Dorothy studied the effects of forest fragmentation on herbivorous insects living in forest canopies. She was co-supervised by Elena Bennett.

Anna Solecki (M.Sc.)  studied the phylogeography of higher Diptera in glacial refugia. She was part of the Northern Biodiversity Program and was co-supervised by Prof. Terry Wheeler.

Étienne Normandin (M.Sc., University of Laval)  studied bees in urban environments, and was co-supervised by Valérie Fournier

Raphael Royaute (Ph.D.): Factors influencing behavioural variation in apple orchard populations of the jumping spider Eris militaris (Araneae: Salticidae). Co-supervised by Dr. Charles Vincent (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada).

Laura Timms (Post-doctoral Scholar): Ichneumonidae diversity in Canada’s Arctic (co-supervised by Dr. Terry Wheeler)

Sarah Loboda (M.Sc): Multi-scale patterns of ground-dwelling spider (Araneae) diversity in northern Canada.

Katie Sim (M.Sc): Genetic analysis of Pardosa wolf spiders (Araneae: Lycosidae) across the northern Nearctic (co-supervised by Dr. Terry Wheeler)

Alida Mercado (Ph.D.):   Ecology of beetle assemblages in a Panamanian tropical forest with taxonomic notes on Curculionidae and Histeridae. Alida was co-supervised by Dr. Hector Barrios (Universidad de Panama, Panama).

Meggy Hervieux (M.Sc., Factors affecting defoliation of easter hemlock by the pale-winged gray moth Iridopsis ephyraria; co-supervised by Dr. Dan Quiring, University of New Brunswick)

Joey Bowden(Ph.D., Biodiversity, biogeography and life history of ground-dwelling spiders (Araneae) in the Yukon Territory, Canada)

Maxim Larrivee (Ph.D., Diversity of canopy spiders in north-temperate hardwood forests)

Agnes Kwasniewska (M.Sc.,  Effects of host plant volatiles on the activity and behaviour of the blueberry maggot; Co-supervised by Dr. Charles Vincent)

Kathleen Aikens (M.Sc., Effects of bird and insect predation on canopy and understory arthropod biodiversity)

Carol Frost (M.Sc., The role of dispersal in maintaining arboreal spider assemblages)

Sean Boyce (M.Sc., co-supervised by Dr. Benoit Côté, Dept. Natural Resource Sciences,  Microhabitat selection and colony success of the woolly beech scale)

Andrea Dechene (M.Sc., Assessing the effect of partial cut harvesting, and the role of dead wood, on mite biodiversity in Quebec’s boreal forest)

Zachary Sylvain(M.Sc., Oribatid mite (Acari: Oribatida) assemblage response to changes in litter depth and stand type in a beech-maple forest in southwestern Quebec)

Tara Sackett(Ph.D., Natural enemy ecology in apple orchards: spider colonization of orchards and effects of kaolin on the apple pest Choristoneura rosaceana and its natural enemies; Co-supervised Dr. C. Vincent)

Michel Saint-Germain (Ph.D., Host-selection behaviour and host-use patterns of saproxylic beetles in snags of aspen and black spruce; Co-supervised by Dr. P. Drapeau (UQAM)),

Annie Webb (M.Sc., The effects of alternative harvesting practices on saproxylic beetles in eastern mixedwood boreal forests of Quebec.; Co-supervised by Dr. P. Drapeau (UQAM)

Catherine Bailey-Jourdain(M.Sc., Cytoplasmic incompatibility caused by caused by Wolbachia in Chrysomelidae beetles in Panama;. Co-supervised by Dr. D. Windsor (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama)

Alida Mercado (M.Sc, Ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) communities along a successional gradient in southwestern Quebec and notes on the range expansion of introduced species)

Tania Motchula (M.Sc., Factors affecting the distribution of beech bark disease in two beech-maple forests in SW Quebec),

Hirondelle Varady-Szabo (M.Sc., Spiders and ants associated with downed woody material in Forillon National Park, Quebec)