This blog is not dead.

Well.. there has not been a post in a very long time…. I’ll blame it on field season, summer vacation time, and general overwork! However, September in the University system always feels like the right time for a fresh start, so here we go!

Field season 2011 was a great success – the Northern Biodiversity Team had good luck in their travels – I was fortunate enough to spend time with them in Yellowknife, and later in the summer spent a week in Iqaluit. Other team members were much more adventuresome and traveled the far reaches of northwestern Canada. Samples are now back in the lab where sorting and identifications are proceeding. Dorothy Maguire was “local”, completing her field work south of Montreal – in fact, she is still doing field work (darn caterpillars are still around in September!).

I must congratulate Meggy Hervieux for successfully submitting her M.Sc. – and she is now teaching at a CEGEP in Montreal – congratulations, Meggy! Congratulations also to Sarah Loboda on the birth of her second child (in the spring). Always good news to hear about happy, healthy babies being born to smart Ento/Arachnologists!

More later…….!