Expiscor (5 August 2013)

Welcome to August! I’m heading off for Arctic field work today, but will try to post updates and I will try to keep Expiscor posts coming, despite the remoteness of where I will be…. I’ll see how I manage…

Here are some discoveries from the past week, for your reading pleasure!

  • A spidery mysteryAdrian Thysse posted this on Facebook – what is attached or stuck to the spider’s legs?
A mystery....what is the arrow pointing to?

A mystery….what is the arrow pointing to?

  • Scorpionflies – too cool for words – good thing we have amazing photographers out there!
  • I like bees. My colleague and friend Elena Bennett likes bees, and she has some hives – here’s a photo to show just HOW MUCH she loves bees!


Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 8.24.35 AM

A Devonian Platter

A Devonian Platter


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