Expiscor (29 July 2013)

From the world of arachnology, entomology and beyond… Expiscor is here for you!  Here are some things I stumbled across this week:

  • Photo time! Another stunning shot from Adrian Thysse – this one of a crab spiders as prey. You can follow his blog here (and thanks to Adrian for allowing me to reproduce the shot, here)
Dipigon sayi with Xysticus prey

Dipigon sayi with Xysticus prey

  • Spider poop.  Spider Joe posted an amazing photo of the stuff (see below); the solids are undigested prey material and the liquid is a slurry of guanine crystals. Wow. (um, and as Joe stated on twitter, Oreo cookie, anyone?)

Spider poop

  • Bird poop. I had some land on me earlier this week. Apparently that should only happen once every 195 years. (I take that as good luck). Thanks Lab & Field for the link!
  • Tweet of the week goes to my (young) colleague Dr. Dez:

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 8.17.50 AM

  • And finally, a Happy Birthday (today!) to my big sister. She’s awesome (and she writes books!)
  • For nature geeks everywhere… True facts about owls. I love this:

One thought on “Expiscor (29 July 2013)

  1. Hello,

    I started following your blog after finding a little pseudo scorpion going for a stroll across a bedroom floor in our 100 year-old house. I thought then that if there was one, there must be others and today my wife finally collected one. It is probably a Chelifer cancroides. We plan to show it to friends and then release in back into the wild, so to speak.

    If you look up Sutherland Saskatoon on Wikipedia you can see a photo of the habitat where we are finding these cool little beasties, aka the Powe residence.

    Thanks for all the interesting posts, and keep them coming!

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