Expiscor (8 July 2013)

It’s full on summer in my part of the world! Great to have heat, humidity and fireflies giving a nice show. Here’s Expiscor for this week… some discoveries fished out from the past week, from spiders and insects, to art and flying bikes. Hope you enjoy!

  • Just look at this lovely spider! (photo by Chthoniid, reproduced here, with permission)

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 8.18.13 PM

  • So you think mosquitoes are bad in your backyard…?? Check out this photo from the Arctic (my experience agrees with this, by the way!)
Mosquitoes in the Arctic (photo by J. Krause, promoted by Amanda Koltz)

Mosquitoes in the Arctic (photo by J. Krause, tweeted by Amanda Koltz, reproduced here with permission)

  • Gosh it was a fun week on twitter, including a hilarious conversation about Odd Science Equipment – weird things that scientists use to get the job done. Here’s the storify of the hashtag, and there are a couple of other related posts over at Dynamic Ecology (here, and here)
  • And the tweet of the week goes to…. Avi Goldberg.  I love coffee, too.

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 8.23.17 PM

  • Another home run for Malcolm Campbell.  Here’s a quote from his latest postAs children, we make use of our human home bases – like mobile harbours – from which we venture out to investigate new surroundings or circumstances. They are also the safe harbours to which we return for comfort, support and reinforcement when we feel unsure, challenged, or threatened by what we have found
  • In honour of the Tour de France (my favourite sporting event to watch, despite the past problems), a game changer: a flying bicycle (thanks Matthew Cobb for that one!)
  • Some promotion for my PhD student Dorothy Maguire – here’s a neat video from Ecosystem Services Montreal, about her work on forest fragments, herbivory and insects. And yes, tree-climbing too!

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