Expiscor (1 July 2013)

It’s Canada Day! For that reason, and since I’ve been doing a bit of field work, this week’s Expiscor is perhaps a bit shorter than usual. However… better some fun discoveries than none at all!

Here are a few things that caught my attention this past week:

  • Right, I should give you a jumping spider photo now. Why? Just because they are so darn cute:
Euophrys monadnock waving (goodbye) from a collection jar (photo by Y. Wang)

Euophrys monadnock waving (goodbye) from a collection jar (photo by Y. Wang)

  • More about the Lepidoptera: here’s a neat story of a girl who found a giant moth in her backyard– something rare for Michigan… and Facebook helped her with an identification.
  • Want to know where all the mosquitoes are? There’s an App for that (M-Tracker) (thanks to Mozziebites for that link!)
  • Tweet of the week… I know you want it… this one is courtesy of Rachel Graham (by the way, for non-Entomologists, a Malaise trap is used to catch insects, whereas a tent usually catches humans)

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 1.56.06 PM

  • Connections: How do you relate the London Tube to the Human Body?  Here’s how.
  • Thrifty photos – you can do some great things with cameras on smartphones.
  • WATCH OUT! A GIANT SPIDER! Great video, sure caused me to chuckle:

2 thoughts on “Expiscor (1 July 2013)

  1. Tephritids as jumping spiders, Canadian version for Canada Day. Mather and Roitberg. 1988. A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing. Science 236: 308. Thanks to spiderman Robb for pointing this out. DBMcC

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