Expiscor (24 June 2013)

Here’s your 13th edition of Expiscor. Some curious discoveries from the past week – from bugs to biology, field shirts to ecosystem services: it’s all here:

  • Do spiders scream?  I got an email about this… and thought it was bogus. However, spiders can make various sounds (e.g., see this courtship video!), and there are reports of Theraphosa blondi making defensive hissing sounds. (thanks to Catherine Scott for useful information about this!)
And it's an Endomycidae beetle!

And it’s an Endomycidae beetle!

  • speaking of our favourite flies…Homeopathic mosquito repellant (Mozi-Q). No, folks, it doesn’t work.
  • The Tweet of the week goes to….Steven Hamblin.  My interpretation is seasonal, as summer is upon us here in Montreal. I recall being bored in the summer, and sometimes wish that feeling could return. It seems boredom doesn’t occur in adulthood (at least for me):

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 3.06.17 PM

  • Grab me a double-double, you hoser. 11 Canadian words that most Americans don’t understand.
  • Summertime – Swedish style. All you want to know about Swedish midsummer. Pickled herring, beer, singing, dancing (like a frog) oh my. (thanks, Staffan, for the link – MOST enjoyable!)
  • What are ecosystem services? …sometimes a difficult concept to explain. Thankfully, Ecosystem Services Montreal has a video to help us.  Superb.

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