Expiscor (17 June 2013)

Here are some discoveries fished out from a week of travels on the Internet… spiders, biodiversity, and so much more. Enjoy!  (past editions of Expiscor can be found here)

  • Keep calm and kill them with fire. The comments on Reddit remind me that many people don’t like insects and spiders and will do a lot to kill them. (sigh).  Gotta love Bug Girl’s “Incredibly Bad Ideas” (this week, featured a wildfire in Arizona started because kids tried to kill ants by burning them….)
  • Spidernauts. Had a nice chat this past week with Christina Russo about behaviour of jumping spiders in space. More specifically, we talked about Phidippus johnsoni – a species that went to space!   Do you think it’s just a coincident that that species was selected and that there’s a Johnson Space Center? Curious about how jumping spiders move in space? Have a look…
  • Speaking of stunning, Alex Wild took some incredible photographs of a white-eyed Drosophila mutant.
A photo by Alex Wild, reproduced here with permission. See more of his work here.

A photo by Alex Wild, reproduced here with permission. See more of his work here.

  • Get your buzz on.  Even CBC radio is in the mood to talk about Cicadas! (by the way, if you don’t listen to Tom Allen’s show in the afternoons… you should!)
  • How about Biodiversity & Beer. Species rarity, niches and so much more explained with beer. (thanks Carly for tweeting that video)

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 1.57.13 PM


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