Expiscor (10 June 2013)

Here’s the 11th edition of Expiscor! Stories from nature and beyond.

I do apologize as this week’s edition is a little short (and probably contains a few errors)- mainly because I spent the weekend on my bike, doing the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour. I’m moving a little slow today after that 360 km in a saddle.  However, better some Expiscor than none at all, so here goes:

  • Poor spiders. Always getting a bad name. even from the weather channel!  Unnecessary hysteria, wrong facts, and NO spiders are poisonous (although some are venomous) (thanks to my spider-pal Sam Evans for that link)
  • Speaking of venomous spiders, Rick Vetter had another paper out, showing AGAIN that spiders bites are exceedingly rare, and, (I quote): methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus as a ubiquitous cause of skin injury that is often mistaken as attributable to recluse bites.
  • So many arthropods. Amazing. Ones that I would like to see again would be Trilobites. Too bad they are extinct. At least we have people like Glendon Mellow drawing stunning pictures of these amazing animals (thanks, Glendon, for permission to repost! – folks – see here for more amazing things from Glendon)


  • Do you know about poison ivy? Can you identify it? Take this quiz. (it’s worth being educated on this topic!)
  • Speaking of twitter, it brings me many, many smiles. Here’s the funny tweet of the week, from Jules Bristow (remind you of this?)

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 4.58.05 PM

  • Driving on the left? Drive on the right?  Why the difference? Here’s a video to explain…
  • Spider versus Ants. Guess who wins….

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