Expiscor (20 May 2013)

This week’s Expiscor is coming to you on a holiday Monday across much of Canada. This is the day that many Canadians feel that the ‘warm season‘ has officially arrived. We can plant things in our garden without fear of frost; the lawn shall be mowed, the birds are busy, the butterflies are flying.

What is Expiscor? …it’s a weekly digest of discoveries from the world of entomology, biology, and so much more.

  • It seems that every week there’s a story about ‘dangerous spiders‘ – this week, Bug Girl wrote a post to help FIX THE INTERNET – in this case, to discuss a bogus spider poster.
  • On the topic of jumping spiders – they can make you look twice – WOW, WOW and WOW again. (thanks Alex Wild, for that photo, and permission to use it)

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 3.17.12 PM

  • Biodiversity under foot – great video about threats to soil biodiversity (thanks to my former MSc student, and recent PhD graduate, Zach for posting that link.
  • Fireflies: I always find the larvae of the Lampyridae beetles to be odd-looking, and I sometimes have trouble reconciling their habitus with adults.  This is a lot easer thanks to Derek Hennen for this lovely photo of an adult – check out that abdomen! (and thanks, Derek, for allowing me to use this photo)

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 3.33.34 PM

  • Scale it. This is VERY worth checking out. I personally like 10 to the power of -2.5
  • A worthy ordeal: Another great post from one of my heroes, Simon Leather – a terrific tradition in the British University system.
  • Lego geek-fest. Star Wars, LOTR, Arrested Development & so much more.
  • To finish, as usual, with some music. I’ve been a fan of Steve Earle for quite a long time, and his latest album (the Low Highway) does not disappoint. Here’s a video from one of the songs from that album. Worth a listen (and a good lesson in there, too)

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