Expiscor (13 May 2013)

Start your week with some discoveries: from entomology to natural history, Academia & beyond! Expiscor – a weekly digest. (you can find past editions here).

  • In other entomology news, a paper about fatigue of insect cuticle. Yes, insects do wear out, eventually (mind you, it took 100,000 cycles before the wing samples failed!).
Photo by D. Llavaneras, reproduced here with permission.

Photo by D. Llavaneras, reproduced here with permission.

  • Hipsters – that was so last year. The current fad is clearly THRIPSTERS (again, Ainsley Seago show up in Expiscor!).
  • A milestone I’d rather we did not reach: Carbon dioxide levels pass 400 ppm. Not good news. So, I suppose I should not let my car idle while I stop in for groceries, right?
  • Muzzled Government scientists in Canada – here’s a must-read article on the topic from Maclean’s Magazine.  Here’s a quote from David Schindler: ‘They’re [the gov’t] all for science that will produce widgets that they can sell and tax, but it’s clear that environmental scientists are lumped right down there with Greenpeace in their view’
  • Speaking of food, this photo essay has been around for a while, but worth a look – it’s all about how groceries for a week, from around the world.  Clearly quite a lot of us overeat.
  • Achoo! Allergy season is upon us here in the Montreal area – pollen counts are apparently ridiculously high this year (yes, you can get a ‘pollen report‘).  Here’s the hood of my car one morning last week:

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 3.16.29 PM

  • Where in the world am I?  Great little game using Google Street View. I spent a lot of time playing with this on the weekend – amazing to see what ‘clues’ tell you where you might be. Street signs, styles of the cars, electrical lines (above ground, or not?).
  • Here’s a nice idea: suspended coffee.  Buy an extra coffee for someone who may later come along and need a coffee but be unable to pay for it.
  • Good news for Dale Boyle (a guy with more than a few McGill connections). He’s a heck of a songwriter and that was recognized recently. Incidentally, he also sold me a guitar a few years back and that was a catalyst for me to start playing music again. Although this particular video doesn’t display his songwriting skills, it sure is lovely:

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