Expiscor (29 April 2013)

As you may have noticed, the ‘weekly’ Expiscor missed last week! This is because I have opted to change to Mondays for this blog feature.  The start of the week just works better, for a whole suite of reasons that I won’t bore you with!  So, you can now look forward to starting your week with some odd discoveries, from arthropods to general biology and other geekery.

  • Most (many?) Arachnologists know of Emerton’s classic “The Common Spiders of the United States” written in 1902 – that book is now available on-line! Big WIN for spider enthusiasts.
  • Be still my heart.  Here’s a video showing the heartbeat of a spider after being captured and placed in a mud-dauber (wasp) nest.  Wasp finds spider. Paralyzes it. Returns it to its nest. Spider is still alive. A tasty feast for later on…. (thanks to Spider Joe for this video!)
  • Adrian Thysse always impresses me with his amazing photographs.  This one depicts one of the most lovely spiders in North AmericaHabronattus americanus.  Yes, it’s one of my most favourite spiders, here’s why:
Habronattus americanus - photography by A. Thysse (reproduced here, with permission)

Habronattus americanus photography by A. Thysse (reproduced here, with permission)

  • If you don’t buy stuff on ETSY, you should – amazing on-line resource. Also, some lovely insects finds on ETSY, including this from GollyBard (thanks Cameron Webb for pointing me to this)
One of GollyBard's paintings - listing here. (reproduced here with permission)

One of GollyBard’s paintings – listing here. (reproduced here with permission)

  • Peeping peepers: I live on the outskirts of Montreal and over the past week, the spring peepers have been making some noise! (spring –> it’s here!)
  • Milk Cartons & Guitars: Two musical bits to wrap up.  First, I’m especially fond of bluegrass, old-time, trad., folk, indie…. My colleague and friend Elena Bennett pointed me to the “Milk Carton Kids” – what a talented duo.
  • And, to finish… talk about GEEKY!  Here’s the “Arthropod song

Baby you’re and arthropod. Shake that segmented bod”


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