Expiscor (12 April 2013)

I am pleased to bring you the third edition of Expiscor – a weekly digest of discoveries and curiosities, from Arachnids, to natural history and beyond.  You can view previous postings here and here.

  • I’ve been editing work from two of my Master’s students who will soon be graduating – both on Arctic spiders – here are a couple of great quotes from their work, about spiders: “There are a recognized 43,244 species and sub-species of spider worldwide,  46% of which are described based on only one sex” and “18% of total linyphiid species in the world found north of 60°”  WOW – clearly much work is needed in Arachnology, and we ought to work in the North for some families.
A Solifugid - this stunning image is courtesy of Joe Lapp ("spider joe"), reproduced here with permission.

A Solifugid – this stunning image is courtesy of Joe Lapp (“spider joe”), reproduced here with permission.

  • Climate Change: it’s real.  It’s pervasive.  Not convinced?  Have a look at this – it’ll take you 26 seconds.
  • On a lighter note, do you like BRAINS?  Visit the Brain Museum….
  • And to finish, watch this if you need a laugh.  (Not for everybody, but this goofy, physical comedy with some biological realism made me chuckle out loud …and thanks CayBeach for tweeting about it)

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