Expiscor (5 April 2013)

Here’s the second instalment of Expiscor (last week’s can be found here).  This is a weekly digest of interesting things discovered this week.  Enjoy!

  • Spider enthusiasts – ever wonder about identifying species based on their webs?  New software might help…
  • There was lots of discussion about a Google Doodle this past week – in honour of Maria Sibylla Merian – an artist with a passion for nature and a particular fondness for insects.  Interestingly, before that Doodle came out, Nash Turley wrote a nice blog post about her. In that post, he states: “In the 1600′s the general consensus (apparently) was that butterflies generated spontaneously out of rotting mud“.  Very cool.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 7.13.59 AM

  • Beethoven liked it fast:  while driving to visit family last weekend, I listened to RadioLab‘s short about Beethoven – perhaps he meant his music to be played MUCH faster than what we are accustomed to now.
  • Simon Leather is continually tweeting about the (low) number of Invertebrate papers that appear in Ecological Journals – in an article he wrote a few years ago, there is good evidence of bias against invertebrates, and the situation is likely the same today.  That’s a shame.
  • Spring -it’s really, really approaching! Managed to see thousands of snow geese around the Quebec-Ontario border.  They are magnificent, as is their migration.
  • This is a very interesting, insightful and important tweet from Sam Evans, a graduate student in Ohio.  Message: keep your eye on the ball and remember that you’re doing great work, and making important contributionsScreen Shot 2013-04-04 at 11.10.02 AM
  • I’ll finish with an interesting and inexpensive option for people with hearing loss (I’m one of those) – BioAid – an i-phone app to help you hear… (a tip I heard on CBC R2 drive)

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