Expiscor (29 March 2013)

I’m starting a new feature on my blog, titled Expiscor.  This latin word means to find out, to discover, or ‘fish out’.  It also sounds nice, and is a very Harry Potter-ish word – which is fun.  It also reflects the process by which I come across great stories each week.  Interesting things that reflect my diverse interests, from spiders to the value of higher education, from teaching innovation to music. I will try, each Friday, to provide a summary of the discoveries that I fish out of my week.  I will provide a series of short statements and links, with a general focus on biodiversity science, natural history, ecology, Academia, with a dash of the curious and quirky.

I hope you enjoy.

  • I’m reading about ‘How to write science’ thanks to this book.  FINALLY I have a clear explanation (on page 54) about why it’s not OK to write: “We did this research because little is known on [INSERT TOPIC]”
  • Sometimes scientists can get snarky – and I just don’t know why. Just have a look at some of the comments in this post.  Come on, folks, we’re all in this together.  Bottom line: there are a LOT of arthropod species out there, and they deserve attention. I think Bug Girl‘s approach was a good one.
  • Spring is arriving in the Montreal area.  There were a heck lot of Turkey Vultures flying overhead this week! …run for the hills (or, rather, grab your binoculars)
  • My favourite key: I agree with Tom Allen from CBC  – on Tuesday, on Shift, he argues the Key of G isThe gallant host.  A key shared by all western instruments comfortable to play in for brass, wind and string. Come one come all G Major Welcomes you.”. A great key for Banjo, and I like it a lot for mandolin, too.
  • And on an even lighter note, check out this “flipbook” that is also a Passport.  Finland – you win.

5 thoughts on “Expiscor (29 March 2013)

  1. Endling. Thanks for introducing the word. I just learned yesterday, when asking someone what the deal is with Dr. Who, that apparently he is an *endling* of some kind of alien, that gets reborn once in a while. Which is convenient for recasting every now and then.

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