A Tribute to Mayflies

For about a week, one of the main buildings at McGill’s Macdonald Campus has been covered with mayflies (Order Ephemeroptera):

Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) on a brick wall

It happens every year, about this time.  It is lovely, and reminds me of why I love entomology.

I decided to write two Haiku about them.  Short poems to honour their short lives (as adults)  Caveat: I claim no real ability in writing Haiku!

Fleeting life on land

Triangle wings on brick wall

Fly into summer


Wings unfold and dry

Fragile signals of solstice

Goodbye fish, I’m free

Thanks, by the way, to Three Lines about Six Legs -a post there (about mayflies) inspired this (and I  know that the author of that post walked by the same brick wall…).

P.S.  Later this week I’ll be off for a week’s vacation so there won’t be any new posts for a little while.  I’ll write again in early July.


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