My graduate students have a sense of humour

One terrific thing about my laboratory is that we can share a joke or two, and poke some fun at each other.   In fact, our laboratory meetings and lunchtime gatherings are often rather boisterous events!

I was, therefore, not surprised to find this note taped to my office door yesterday:

What is Chris Buddle doing?

This was a slightly modified version of the form found on PhD comics, here.

There are a few important items to clarify.  First, it is VERY true the my ‘actual lab work’ has been nonexistent for TOO long.  I am a bit sad about this, and perhaps I can get back to the microscope after the term is over…I sure hope so.  Second, I must also agree that my students often find me rather lost and confused.  I’m not sure how to explain that.  Maybe it’s normal??? Third, you will notice two additions at the bottom.  Yes, it is   true that if any  food (e.g., salty snacks, candy)  happens to be in the lab, I ‘wander’ through with higher frequency.  And yes, the lab is a very convenient shortcut (although, the ‘shortcut’ does provide me time to spy on my students and make sure the youtube:work ratio remains appropriate).   Sometimes when I enter the lab, the conversation stops rather abruptly.  Should I be concerned about this?

Overall, I am impressed:  my graduate students are observant and this is a very good quality.

Retaliation?  I think I will work on a “graduate student sightings” form.  Hmmm – on second thought, that form may not be as much fun, because my graduate students always seem to be hunched over a microscope, or computer, working away.  They are a productive group of students.  This makes me happy – my graduate students work hard AND can have a lot of fun.   I think that is an ideal work environment.


3 thoughts on “My graduate students have a sense of humour

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  3. Hi Norman, lovely blog and cpmaony. I think your philosophy is a great one, as it synchronizes things that so many spend time boxing into separate categories. This harmony and beauty is evident in your designs.

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