Heading for Halifax

Most of the laboratory is currently en route to Halifax, to attend the annual meeting of the Entomological Society of Canada, and this year it is co-hosted by the Acadian Entomological Society.  Crystal, Katie, Laura and Sarah are all presenting some results from their research as part of the Northern Biodiversity Program – it’s exciting to see that we are starting to compile preliminary results from this project.  Raphael is presenting his recent work on behavioural syndromes of jumping spiders, and Dorothy is presenting some of her findings on effects of forest fragmentation on patterns of herbivory.  Chris is presenting in a symposium about community ecology, and has just finished a series of analyses related to fitting spider assemblages to null models.  The ESC’s annual meeting is always a fun and productive event.  To learn more about the conference, please visit this website (and the program can be downloaded here, also).