Here are the current members of the Arthropod Ecology Laboratory, at McGill University:

Étienne Normandin (M.Sc., University of Laval)  is studying bees in urban environments, and is co-supervised by Valérie Fournier

Étienne sweeping for bees (and other insects) in a Montreal community garden

Anna Solecki (M.Sc.)   is studying the phylogeography of higher Diptera in glacial refugia. She is part of theNorthern Biodiversity Program and is co-supervised by Prof. Terry Wheeler.

Anna Solecki completing field work in the high Arctic

Dr. Laura Timms (Post-doctoral Research Scholar):  Laura is a member of the Northern Biodiversity Program.  She spends some time in the arthropod ecology laboratory, but most of her time at the Lyman Entomological Museum, under the direction of Prof. Terry Wheeler.  Her current research is about Ichneumonidae diversity in Canada’s Arctic.  You can visit Laura’s website by clicking here.

Dr. Laura Timms

Kathrin Sim (M.Sc.):  Katie is studying the phylogenetics of spiders as part of the Northern Biodiversity Program.   Katie is co-supervised by Dr. Terry Wheeler. She can be reached at:

Katie Sim, with her award winning poster.

Dorothy Maguire (Ph.D.): Dorothy is studying the effects of forest fragmentation on herbivorous insects living in forest canopies.  She can be reached at:

Dorothy tree climbing!

Sarah Loboda (M.Sc.): Sarah is part of the Northern Biodiversity Program.  She is studying the distribution and biodiversity of spiders across 12 sites in Canada’s Arctic.  She can be reached at:

Sarah collecting in Goose Bay, Labrador

Crystal Ernst
(Ph.D): Crystal is working on arthropod food-web dynamics
in Arctic Canada, and on the links between education and biodiversity in Northern communities.  She is also part of the Northern Biodiversity Program.  Crystal can be reached at:

Crystal servicing a trap in Kugluktuk

Raphael Royaute (Ph.D.):  Raphael is quite interested in the behavioural ecology of spiders.  His Ph.D. project is about behavioural syndromes of spiders in agroecosystems of Quebec.  He is co-supervised by Dr. Charles Vincent (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada).  Raphael can be reached at:

Raphael, with guitar