About this Blog

Thanks for visiting the Arthropod Ecology blog!

The objective of this blog is to share information and ideas about my research interests, my laboratory, and some commentary about teaching and academia. This blog is focused primarily on arthropod ecology, arachnology, natural history, biodiversity science, with some musing about teaching and “academic life”.  I also use this blog to share information about my laboratory at McGill University, and to feature publications and other research results that come from the laboratory, or that are relevant to our collective interests in segmented animals with exoskeletons.    

Unless indicated otherwise, all photographs are taken by me.  If you wish to use any of them for your own personal use, please contact me.   I can be reached at:  chris[dot]buddle[at]mcgill[dot]ca.  You can also follow me on twitter @CMBuddle

The writing and statements that I make on my blog are my own personal ideas, opinions and views.  I welcome comments on my blog, and always appreciate being corrected and challenged on things that I write about.

spider in web

5 thoughts on “About this Blog

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  3. Chris,
    Just discovered your excellent blog last week, and enjoy it greatly. Please pass the word to “The Geek In Question” that I am missing her blogging TERRIBLY, and can’t wait to see her back online.

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